Real Film, Real Women

Okay, so a few blog posts ago I mentioned how I might be finished shooting film.  Well, I’m wrong, I’m actually going to start shooting more of it!  I have found a way to cut costs and there is another reason.

I watched a video yesterday about how advertisers and the fashion industry are using too much Photoshop, models are getting too skinny and are how some companies are making already thin models even skinnier via Photoshop.  Honestly this is getting just stupid!  I look at old photos of Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda and Bridget Bardot and I think, wow, they have way more curves and they look amazing!

So this is one reason why I want to shoot more film.  I know, you can scan the negatives and alter it in Photoshop.  But the idea of not seeing the back of the camera, slowing down and composing an image like I used to do, this creates better imagery.  I will look for the flaws in a photo, I will look for the best angles and watch the light better.  Plus, I’m going to work with all different types of women, not just the super thin agency models.  Of course I will still work with the models, I don’t want to discriminate against anyone, but I won’t be making them any thinner in the images, like some agents have asked me to do in the past.

I just want to make a change in the way I do things, certain retouching is expected, completely altering an image is not what I am about.  Women look beautiful in all shapes and sizes, so here goes nothing! Now lets see where it takes me. As we all know, I love an adventure! 😉

Kaley and Parris by The Average Jim