Hotel Room = Playground

One thing I love about shooting in hotel rooms is how it puts everyone in a different mood.  There is a sense of mischief about it.  It is a hotel room, not a home, not someplace where you must behave.  There is freedom and a carefree spirit that lurks in every hotel.  It is a get out of jail free card for the soul.  Inhibitions are lost and you are free to do as you please, order room service, don’t make the bed and just live it up.

Whether I am shooting an editorial or a boudoir session I do love shooting in hotels.  You get a different vibe to the images, there is almost a little more grit to the images.  There is always a different view and you never know what props you are going to be able to use.  Maybe I am just a sucker for mystery and the unknown.  It also gives me the creative drive to fly by the seat of my pants and just see where the shoot takes me and my ideas.  Hopefully I get to do more sessions like this over the next several months especially with all of the traveling I will be doing.

This is where I feel photography keeps me young at heart.  I’m like a kid who gets to play on the playground all day long every single day!  Maybe that is why I call my studio a playground? Okay that is totally why I call my studio a playground! I love to play, luckily my job allows me to do so every day!

Emmy by The Average Jim