Pretty Pictures and The Average Jim

I am slightly obsessed with pretty pictures.  Sometimes there is no other objective behind my “art” than just simply creating a pretty picture.  No massive intellectual content, I’m not trying to change the world with one image, I’m not really trying to do anything other than just create something pretty.  I’ve talked about how I like to keep things simple, well sometimes a simple pretty picture is more powerful than anything.

The old saying says every now and then you have to stop and smell the roses.  Well for me, every now and then you should just look at a pretty picture.  I like images like this because it takes away all of the negative thoughts, even for just a second the viewer can just enjoy life for a moment.  No matter what is going on in the world, for that brief instance there is happiness.  This is what a simple, pretty picture can do.

Some people say photography isn’t art, some argue it is the greatest art ever.  For me, it is a medium I have chosen to express my thoughts and the way I choose to share how I see the world.  And the older I get, the more I think that putting one form of art above another is a big waste of time!  Instead of wasting that time, I say we all enjoy some pretty pictures, some pretty sculptures, some pretty paintings and try to look for that beauty in the world that we so often overlook.

Here is an image from my last trip to New York City.  I met Gracesa through Instagram and we decided to get together and create some pretty pictures in Central Park.

Gracesa by The Average Jim