Less Really Is More

Part of my style is just keeping it simple.  Sometimes just a simple setup and some lingerie is all you need.  I was talking with a future client yesterday and she was going over what type of photos she wanted for her session.  It was pretty simple, no wardrobe but no actual nudity.  Just simple, classy and nothing to distract from her.  I get that and I understand the appeal of that.  Sometimes we look at images we see in magazines or catalogs and forget that these are stylized shoots with the intention of selling the clothes.  When you get a session done for yourself the images should be about you.

This is one reason why I talk a lot during my sessions, I’ve said this recently here on the blog, but I do it to get to know my clients.  When you are in the middle of a conversation you tend to be more natural and relaxed, this allows me to see the in-between moments and capture them as they happen.

I really enjoy getting to know my clients.  Part of being a photographer is actually being a people person, well at least at some level, trust me there are certain people I don’t want to be around! Part of me being able to get the clients I get is mostly because of what I show on my site.  This is how I shoot, this is what I do.  If someone comes to me expecting something different they will be in for a shock.  But they all know this coming in as I discuss it with them before the shoot ever happens.

I know, I’m rambling again.  My whole point was about keeping it simple and not trying to do more than you should.  That’s my style, it’s been working for me, so why stop now? I don’t use a lot of props, I don’t have elaborate set ups in studio, I don’t even use that many lights when I shoot.  Sometimes all I need is my camera and my subject.  Even with the wardrobe, sometimes less really is more.  😉

Amber by The Average Jim