Break The Rules!

I have said it many times, there are no rules to shooting boudoir photography.  My inspiration to become a photographer started before I can honestly remember.  But I do remember looking at fashion editorial images and thinking to myself that this is how you are supposed to photograph a woman!  A woman can be sexy, sultry, powerful, coy, sassy, and totally in control of every situation in every photograph.  There is nothing out there saying she has to be one thing or another.  If anyone says there are rules to this I will disagree every single time!

I don’t care if it is cheesy glamour, Playboy style glamour, erotic, fashion style, Victoria’s Secret style, or any mixture of anything you have ever seen.  This can all be considered boudoir photography, and it has been this way for years!  There have been boudoir photographers and studios for decades, my mother-in-law went to a boudoir studio back in the 80’s and those images still look good by today’s standards!  And she still loves to talk about her experience with everyone she can!

Maybe you have a certain style you like, or if you are a photography maybe you have a certain style you prefer to shoot.  I definitely fall into that category, I have styles I like to shoot, and most of the time some of my ideas just come to me out of nowhere during a shoot.  But this is why I say there are no rules.  If inspiration strikes, it is usually for a reason!  I like to run with inspiration, the funny thing is, most of my clients do too!

One last time, there are no rules.  And if someone tries to tell you differently, just remember one thing that we all learned in grammar school.  Rules are meant to be broken. 😉

Alisa by The Average Jim