Beach Bum Benefits

There are many benefits to living in a beach community.  The biggest one is the beach!  I honestly shoot at the beach as often as possible, I also take my dogs there, just hang out with friends or nobody at all.  The beach just seems to have some magically calming beauty to it.  It is a windy day today, so the view to the islands is gorgeous!  No clouds anywhere, and no fog!

Whenever I get in this mood I have the sudden urge to randomly call someone up and go shooting at the beach.  Even though I work a lot as a photographer I still have the desire to make photographs as much as possible.  Part of the inspiration I get for my clients often comes from the random shoots I will do with friends.  Sometimes just goofing around and having fun will lead to something amazing.  I look at that last comment and imagine my older sister rolling her eyes at me, yes, a grown man at my age still likes to go play at the beach!

I think it is all about inspiration and just being happy doing what I get to do on a daily basis.  I have had some friends say, “well you have a job that allows you to live this way” which is true, but it is also a choice.  I could go out and get a commercial photography job and make a lot more money.  But I choose to do what I love instead, and honestly, I think it shows in my work.

Well, enough talk, I might just have to make today a beach day! Wind and all. 😉

Here is a shot I just got back from the lab, it is from my latest session with Kaley.  For some reason I always end up shooting film with her!

Kaley by The Average Jim