What Matters Now

I had an interesting conversation with another photographer yesterday about this whole boudoir industry.  It seems there are those who talk about how much experience they have or how long they have been doing this type of photography and a whole bunch of other information that really isn’t that important.

Honestly, I started shooting boudoir photos before I turned 21!  It was in college and I was the photographer to go to at the time.  But that doesn’t matter now.  What matters now is what am I doing to move forward as a photographer?  Is my work dated or does it keep up with the times?  I like to think that my work holds its own.  As long as my clients are happy so am I!

I think the bottom line really needs to be about happiness.  If you are happy with the work you are doing and your clients are happy, then it looks like everything is going right.  If you’re not happy with the way things are going only you can make the changes needed to be happy.

I love my job, I love working with new people and sometimes I get to work with them over and over again!  Honestly, I don’t think I would change a thing!

Anya by The Average Jim