It’s Been A Long Fun Journey

I have never done things the way others have.  Even my own mother talks about how I would never go the same route as my friends or family members when I was a kid.  It just seems like I have the strange urge to seek out the undiscovered or (especially with my work) to combine the different genres into one.

I remember shooting my first boudoir session back in the winter of 1992, holy moly how time flies!  I had been working already with models, helping them develop their portfolios when some of my friend’s girlfriends started asking me to take “sexy” photos of them.  I loved this idea especially since I had worked with another photographer as an assistant at his boudoir studio before.

The best thing was that I already had the confidence in my ability as a photographer so I was able to focus on my client and make sure she was comfortable and having fun with the shoot.  I still have a very “Playboy” style at that time, but when I look back at those images I still see little bits of the style I still shoot today.

I think my love of shooting in homes or hotel rooms often comes from the fact that my first studio was actually a 3 bedroom house that was built in the 1940’s.  I loved the design and the way the light came into that house.  This is why I still give my studio a very “Home” feel to it.

The fact that I have been shooting fashion, glamour and boudoir styles for so many years makes it easy for me to mix and match styles on every shoot.  Sometimes I’ll take a fashion outfit, dress it down, grunge it up or glam it up and then have them pose in different ways.  This approach of “no rules” has always worked for me.  One thing I have noticed is that no matter what new thing I try, someone will not like it but then there is always someone who loves it!

Luckily I started young enough in this business to where I still get to do what I love and am nowhere near retirement!  Hopefully I keep pushing forward over the next 20 years!

Emmy by The Average Jim