The Average Basket ;)

I was told recently that I really need to put all of my eggs in one basket.  Basically that I should focus on one style of photography and not bounce back and forth between portrait clients and fashion/glamour and commercial clients.  I found this funny because I have actually cut back on certain jobs and have been focusing more on creative gigs.  But I guess some people see me doing too many different things, yet I see myself as just shooting my style.

One of my recent clients told me how she just loved the simplicity of how I shoot.  It was just me and her and the camera.  No props, no lights, no crew.  She had my full attention and everything we did was about her.  Honestly this is part of how I shoot and how I have been doing it for more years than I’d like to admit!  I think the biggest thing of why this works for me is that I am also working within my own comfort zone.

Part of my job is to understand what my subject may be feeling.  Are they nervous, are they overly excited, are they taking it too seriously and going over a shot list in their head?  My job is to make them comfortable and the best way for me to do that is to already be in my comfort zone.  By the time they step in front of my lens I have already been in my zone for a couple of hours.  Body language can let someone know if I am comfortable or not, this is something I learned long ago.  This is why I have been putting my eggs in one basket lately, my basket is my comfort zone and the eggs are the people who I choose to photograph.

I have walked away from certain types of photography this year and I honestly will not be going back to them.  I am focusing on the new year ahead and, as always, trying to be more definitive with who I am as a photographer while also still making that connection with my clients.  When clients are comfortable with you, trust you and trust your ability as a photographer, there are endless possibilities of what kind of images you will create.  This is where the creativity lives, in the comfort of the basket.

Anya by The Average Jim