The Average How-To

What goes into making an “Average Jim” shoot look like it does?  I have been asked about the images I show and how I get them to all have the same style and look to them.  Honestly, it starts with talking to my subject, finding out who they are first.  Then I proceed to select wardrobe, I am always part of the wardrobe styling for my sessions.  Selecting the right wardrobe is very important!  It has to fit properly and it has to move properly.  There is nothing worse than a piece of wardrobe pushing into the skin to create rolls where there usually aren’t any!

After having the wardrobe picked out I go over posing and the mood that I am looking for from them.  Yes, I will actually pose for them to show what I want.  I do have a strong vocabulary but sometimes, during a shoot, I will have an ADD moment and just need to show them what I mean.  Also, when you know how to pose you should be able to tell them exactly how to do it.

Next comes the facial expression.  Honestly, I talk to them a lot and talk about mood more than you could possibly imagine.  I want them to understand the whole vibe so they feel it, there is no faking it here!

My theory is this.  Understand the vibe, set the mood and get in the groove.  All of the technical stuff is what I already know how to do, so all I need to worry about is working with my subject.  This is why I can work with models or someone who has never stepped in front of a camera before.  Each shoot is about whoever is in front of my lens.  I want who they are to come out in the images.

This is how I do what I do.  Any questions? 😉

Amanda by The Average Jim