No Limits

I think my least favorite word these days is “limitation”.  I don’t like this word.  So many people talk about their limitations rather than talking about what they can do or are able to do.  Instead people love to talk about what they won’t do.  This is such a waste of time.

I don’t believe in limitations or setting limits and boundaries.  I believe that you know what you are willing to do and your own brain will tell you when to stop.  If you feel that you will bypass your limits or be talked into something you wouldn’t normally do by someone else than (I personally believe) that is an excuse.  If you are “talked” into something, the odds are it is something you wanted to do to begin with.

I like freedom and exploration.  I like venturing into the unknown.  I like mystery.  There is something about not knowing what is going to happen next that is invigorating. Maybe it is my curious nature?  But the coolest part of my job is that I get clients who feel the same way.

Kaley by The Average Jim