Method of Style

One of the things I did on this road was teach a little bit in Indiana.  I know, a random place to hold a workshop, but then again, I’m not one to do things in a normal way.  Also, I rarely do these types of things because I normally prefer to be a working photographer rather than teacher.  But this one was different.  The people who attended were pretty cool, down to earth and just wanted to absorb what was being taught.  It was honestly a great experience, but I still won’t be doing too many workshops just simply because I have too much actual work coming up!

Between my Holiday Specials that I will be running soon and more traveling to come in the future I think planning and holding workshops will just have to wait a little longer.  This workshop was a little different as there were people there who wanted to be photographed by me so I was able to teach and shoot while being there!  This is definitely how I like to teach!  I can talk about what I do and then show how to do what I do.

The biggest thing I think people forget is to have a style to their work.  No matter where I shoot or what I a shooting I always want it to look like my work.  My style is something that I have been working on for years.  I love that grainy hazy look, a certain mood coming from my subject and if I can I like to use the environment to help shape the whole vibe of the shot.

Someone asked me what I meant by defining a style because I said I am always looking for new techniques and just searching for something new to inspire me.  My response was that style has nothing to do with technique.  Of course I just mentioned how I like that grainy look…. but I did also mention the mood of the image.  And why I say technique doesn’t matter is because no matter what camera I shoot with the images will still look like my work.  It doesn’t matter if I shoot in studio or on location, my work is my work.

So I am sure that this photo I am posting today, which is from the workshop, looks like my work and I think it is safe to say that nobody else probably has an image exactly like it.  How do I get my style in every shoot?  I talk with my subject and give direction and I know what I am looking for before I ever push the little black button on the camera.  It is about knowing what you want and then being able to deliver it.  That is how you stay busy and pay the rent!  Luckily people seem to like what I do and they keep coming back for more, and they tell me they love my style, so I think my method is working. 😉

April by The Average Jim