Just more random thoughts….

The road trip is finally winding down.  I am currently in Portland, Oregon and relaxing at a friend’s house.  No more hotels, no more shoots, just some time to kick back and enjoy the food carts, a cold beer and finish up some editing that needed to get done!

If there is one thing I have learned from this trip it is that I really enjoy traveling and I love being a traveling photographer!  I was lucky enough to have shoots in Chicago and New York and teach a workshop in Indy along with photographing some of the participants of that workshop.

This trip has been very successful in many different ways.  I met some great people, met up with old friends, and really got some great new shots to add to my portfolio.  I even made some money on this trip.  And now that I will be back at my studio as of Monday, I really need to figure out what it is I am doing.  I have several people wanting lifestyle, fashion and glamour sessions, but what is it I want to do most?  Okay, I enjoy it all, but what or who is my top client?

I am finding that my main type of client is someone who wants something different.  Since I don’t do a normal type of “boudoir” photography, my clients like the editorial and/or fashion approach I use to shoot my sessions.  They like the raw feel to the images, the feeling that it is a snapshot, but better, of them in a “sexy” setting.  I think that is what I do best.  Taking reality and making it just a little sexier.  This is how I see life and honestly I don’t think I can stop seeing it this way.

After years of shooting editorial and portfolio images, I really want to focus on sessions that tell a story.  Whether it be sexy portraits of a narrative nature or an approach of fine art styles, I just want to explore and keep creating images like I have been.  I have been known to say that there is no “fine” to my art.  I fly by the seat of my pants and honestly make up a lot of it as I go.  Several photos I have of people in my portfolio are not what was originally planned when the shoot was set up.  They are shots that just happened after getting to know someone and putting what I have learned about them into the shot.

I like not having rules.  I like not having to stick to a specific game plan.  I like that my clients feel the same way and trust my judgement.  I like the freedom.  I think that is what it is really all about.  No rules, no guidelines, just inspiration and the execution of an idea.  I like acting off of inspiration, I mean, really, think about that for a minute.  How awesome is it to have that person in front of your lens just open themselves up to you and be up for whatever idea you have.  I am one lucky SOB. 😉

Here is one from my session in Chicago…… such a great shoot!

Emmy by The Average Jim