You Really Can Hire Me ;)

There are so many different styles of photography out there these days.  It doesn’t matter if you are in the portrait world or the fashion industry, or if you flip-flop back and forth between them both.  There are thousands of styles and thousands of photographers out there.  So how do our clients find us?  Sometimes I wonder how people stumble upon my website and then, what makes them hire me?  I’m not complaining, I like to work as a photographer, but when I ask, some of my clients can’t remember exactly where they found me.  So apparently they found my work floating around the web and decided to send me an email.  You have to love the internet!

I personally think I am one of those individuals who doesn’t really fit into any specific market.  I have styles that could work in fashion, glamour, boudoir and lifestyle types of photography.  I guess this is why some of my work would be considered alternative boudoir.  I still don’t like that terminology, mostly because there are thousands of boudoir photographers out there and my style really isn’t the norm.

The translation of “boudoir” is “bedroom”.  Therefore photographers who shoot boudoir photography often place their subjects in lingerie, lay them down on a bed and have them stick their panties on their shoe’s heel as they lay on their stomach…. yep, this one has been done way too many times!  Honestly, I do put my subjects on a bed, in lingerie and less.  But that is where I like to be a little different, or a lot different!  There are sexy looks you can get without lingerie being involved.  I like casual sexy, wardrobe that could actually be worn out in public, but in private, we make it a little sexier!

I have called my work “The Seduction Sessions” for several years now.  Mostly because seduction is not about getting someone to do something they don’t want to do, seduction is about giving them permission to try the things they have always wanted to try.  You enable them to express themselves freely in a safe environment, without judgement.

There is an art to this whole thing and there are good and bad reasons for there being so many boudoir photographers out there today.  The good is really for the client.  You have several different price ranges to pick from.  Some boudoir photographers start with really low prices and some start in the thousands of dollars!  Every photographer has a reason for their pricing, I have mine too, but what a client should be looking at first is the work.  Do you like the work and do you want to see yourself the way the photographer represents their work?

I know I lose a lot of potential clients because I do work with a lot of models and actors.  But then I also gain a lot of clients because they feel if these people in the industry are choosing to work with me, why shouldn’t they also choose to work with me?  It is all about finding the right match between client and photographer.   Some of my clients don’t even realize that I am actually for hire!  Some have asked me if I only shoot my personal projects or if they can hire me to photograph them how I have photographed some of the models in my portfolio.  Yes, anyone can hire me!

My advice to clients is this.  Don’t base your decision on price alone!  Look at the photographer’s style, send them an email or give them a call and see how they work and listen to how they talk to you, just see if there is a connection.  Some photographers who charge more also have a payment plan option so it is not as if you have to come up with the money next week.  Most boudoir photographers will keep your images private if you want them to, I have several photos that never see the light of day because of this clause in my own contract!  If you are a potential client and just prefer a female photographer, ask me who I would refer.  If you are just not comfortable to pose in front of a man, I get it, it’s not for everyone.  My wife is also an incredible photographer with her own business and I know of many other photographers I can refer.  Just don’t be afraid to contact someone, if they are rude or try to pressure you to buy something you don’t want, then they are not the photographer for you!  Move on and find someone who is.

Finding the right photographer can be intimidating and frustrating.  But just remember it doesn’t have to be!  These sessions are meant to be fun and enjoyable, make sure you find someone who will go out of their way to make sure this happens for you!

Alisha by The Average Jim