Crazy Days on The Road

This has been one crazy road trip!  The internet in New York was overpriced at the hotel and slower than slow, so I have not been posting anywhere near as much as I had originally wanted to on this trip.  But now I’m in Boston and it seems to be working!  So finally I can post some of the work I have been doing on this trip.  I’ve had several great shoots so far and I may be able to squeeze in one more before heading to Indy for the workshop.

I love New York and quite honestly I would strongly consider moving there, at least part-time.  I don’t think I could ever leave California permanently, it’s just part of me at this point.  But New York has so many options and is so diverse!  I shot different looks and could have stayed for at least another few weeks with booked shoots!  It is definitely a place I will be returning to very soon!  I shot in my hotel, on location in the city, in Central Park and in a cool little pad in Brooklyn.  The only thing I’m missing is my “I heart New York” shirt.

Speaking of Brooklyn, I got to hang out with and photograph my model/actress friend Anya again.  I met her several years ago and she shot my Polaroid project for me back then.  This time we decided to shoot her in her home.  It is a very cool little place in a really cool neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Her little dogs and cats were running around and getting involved in the shots, and honestly stealing the spotlight in some too!  I love shooting in homes, apartments and hotel rooms.  There is something about it that just works for me.  Maybe it is because it is something new to me?  I don’t know, but I love this style of shooting!

If anything this trip has made me want to focus on certain types of work.  I know I’m always revamping my business plan, but that is how you grow right?  Lets just say that there are markets in New York for what I do and people here are not giving it away for free, and even better, people are willing to pay for quality work!  Talk about a switch!

Hopefully I’ll get to post more from my trip soon, but for now, here is one of Anya, can’t wait to work with her again!

Anya by The Average Jim