The Average Adventure Continues

I am really digging this whole traveling photographer experience.  Of course I say that every year.  But this year seems to be a little different mostly because I am actually getting a lot of work on this trip!  I have very little availability due to the amount of traveling I am doing, so I’m on the road a lot, but when I’m not driving, I seem to be shooting.  Except for here in D.C. where I am just trying to catch up on a lot of work!  I just finished the editing an editorial submission today, can’t wait to see if it is accepted as it was a last-minute shoot with very little planning.  But sometimes those are the shoots that turn out the best!

I’ll be in NYC as of Friday and I have client shoots, one more editorial and two fun shoots that I just have to do while in the city!  Then it’s off to Boston, possibly Maine and back down to Kentucky, Nashville and then the workshop in Indianapolis the first Sunday in November.  After that I’ll be back on the road and heading to California where I already have a ton of shoots booked.  I have no idea where this work has come from but I am definitely grateful and happy to be doing what I love to do!  Which means I am going to be taking these last couple of days in D.C. as some much-needed time to relax and refresh my “batteries”.

Here is another shot of Kimberly from an editorial shoot earlier this year.

Kimberly by The Average Jim