A Real Deal

It has been one crazy month! My hard drive stopped working, the one with all of my personal work that I was in the middle of backing up.  Then about a week later my main computer crashed.  Luckily my hard drive just had a small glitch and all images were saved and since it was my personal work there was no chance of losing any of my client’s images.  Those are backed up in so many places it’s crazy!  But for the past few weeks I have been trying to work off of an 11-year-old Mac.  It’s too slow for the web, so I have not been blogging or posting photos like I normally would be doing.  I have also been getting backed up on editing as the older computer just can’t handle my workload anymore.

But today this all changed!  I’ve got my new computer, well new to me!  I found a real deal on Craigslist and so far so good!  Now I can finally get back to work and catch up on all of the editing I need to do before heading off on my road trip.  And once I’m on the road I will have more editing as I will be shooting during my travels.  This is going to be one fun trip!

I think I am actually ready for the road this time.  Normally I am swamped with work before I go and don’t have time to do anything, but this time, once I finish three more client edits I am done and all I have to do is pack my gear, throw some t–shirts and jeans in a backpack and I am ready!

Well, it’s time to get back to editing before it gets too late and my eyes start to go on me.  Here is one more of Kimberly from a shoot a little while back.

Kimberly by The Average Jim