Privacy and The Average Jim

I was asked recently about who are my clients?  Basically what type of person (woman) hires me?  Honestly, there are a lot of different types of people who hire me.  This was mostly a question directed at me because I am a man and a lot of women prefer to have a female photographer when it comes to boudoir style photos.  This is true, there are a lot of women out there who prefer a female photographer, but there are also a lot of women who don’t care if it is a man or a woman behind the camera, they just like my style and want what I do for themselves.

Also, what I told this person, is that a lot of the women who hire me love that they have control over the privacy of these types of images.  So if they wish to shoot something a little more risqué they know (because of my contract with them) that if they don’t wish to have certain images on the internet they won’t be put up there by me!

I have worked with Playboy models, fashion models, glamour models, art models, dancers, actors and the list goes on.  The main thing that keeps people coming in (at least what I think it is) is my style and experience.  When women who are not models come in, sometimes they want to look like the models in the photos on my site.  This is why I show a variety of styles and also why I work with a lot of models who sign a model release and are okay with me posting images on my site.

So I’m not sure if I actually answered the question yet, who is my client?  Honestly, it is someone who likes my style, wants to have photos of themselves taken the way I do it and someone who understands that I am a professional, I have been doing this longer than some of my clients have been alive and that I take their privacy seriously.  Everyone on my site is a client of some sort.  Whether it is a model or not.  Sometimes it’s the images you don’t see that keep the clients coming in! It is all about trust and honestly, just being good at what you do. 😉

Kimberly by The Average Jim