The Many Styles of The Average Jim ;)

For many years I have photographed women for magazines, art project, for their own portfolio and even a boudoir session or two along the way.  There are many different varieties of styles, from fashion to glamour to fine art to classic portraiture.  If I am being honest, I like to shoot them all, and sometimes mix and match during the same shoot.

Fashion can be sexy and sultry, glamour can be fun and flirty, fine art can be sensual and mysterious and classic, well it is just classic and empowering, with a little bit of grit too.  I think the bottom line is that I really enjoy working with women.  It doesn’t matter to me if she is a Playboy model or someone who just wants some images for herself and has never even stepped in front of the camera before.  I really enjoy creating images for them to enjoy.

I really do have one of the best jobs I could have ever hoped for.  Every day is filled with a new adventure and I get to meet so many cool people along the way.  Speaking of new adventures, I should probably prep the studio for today’s shoot, and today’s shoot should be really cool! 🙂

Here is one from a recent shoot with Kimberly