The Last Minute

I had a last minute shoot happen yesterday.  I got a call at about 4 o’clock and was at the beach shooting by 5:30!  Luckily I know my beach very well and knew exactly where to take my client for her shoot.  This is the part of my job I love.  I love the spur of the moment shoots, the ones that you don’t expect and just make happen.  I honestly had very little conversation with her, she was a past client’s cousin and this was a referral shoot.

I showed up to the studio, we went to the beach and had a great shoot!  No frills, nothing over the top, just a bikini and the beach.  Sometimes that is all you need, well that and a little help from a great hair stylist and make up artist.

These are the days I love, just another day at the beach doing what I do best. 😉

Here is a sample from yesterday’s shoot.