Casual Boudoir

I have talked about style on this blog so many times I just can’t even begin to remember how much I have said about it!  But style is so crucial to a photographer!  It shows your clients and potential clients how you shoot and what it is you do for them.  There are very few photographers out there who can really do it all and do it all well.  And honestly, most of those who “do it all” are usually great commercial photographers who understand lighting and can execute standard images over and over again, and if I am being honest, a lot of the time it is lacking style.

To make a living I mainly photograph women these days.  Some models, some not.  And no matter what, I tend to have a certain style about what I do.  It’s not so much the lighting, although I do have my favorite techniques, but the whole vibe and mood of the images.  It is very casual, or at least it seems that way.  So whether I am photographing a portfolio session for a model or a boudoir session for a client I like to keep the same mood.  I actually like to call my boudoir sessions “casual boudoir”, especially since I don’t really shoot in a traditional boudoir style.

Since I am being honest, I honestly don’t like most boudoir photographers work.  It seems to be all the same, g-string hooked in the heel with a cat-in-heat pose, over Photoshopped glamour makeup with lingerie that just doesn’t fit quite right.  Just because someone wants a boudoir session, that doesn’t mean it has to be tacky!  As a friend of mine said about a truck we passed on the street, “just because they make an accessory for your truck doesn’t mean you need to buy it and put it on your truck!”  The same can be said for boudoir photography.  Just because you have seen a thousand bad shots over and over doesn’t mean that you should try to replicate them!

Bottom line, have style, have intention and try to do something which defines your work and is something that your clients will love!  And I will keep doing business the way I do, it’s always casual Friday here. 😉