Focus Yes, Drama No.

I haven’t blogged in a little while.  I have been swamped lately, plus in the middle of the end of summer rush my main computer crashes…. again!  This time I think it might be pretty serious and it is probably time for a new computer.  I’m working off of my old G4 and as much as I love this computer, I don’t want to overload it with the workload that is coming up pretty soon!

It has been kind of nice not having a computer over the past few days.  I actually got to get away from the internet, get away from editing and just focus on a few other things that needed to get done.  It was really nice not to have the distraction of the outside world.

But now I’m slowly working my way back into the web world, partially because this computer is so old that I can’t navigate the web fast enough to keep up, and partially because I saw all of the drama that photographers bring upon themselves.  Drama over what lab or online service to use, business tactics, and honestly a whole bunch of stuff that really doesn’t do anything for your business!  So now, I have decided to just focus on my clients.  I am also going to just focus on my shoots and the things I actually have going on.

It is getting close to the holiday season and this is when those calls for boudoir sessions, sexy portraits and spring looks start coming in.  And I am most likely heading out on the road soon, so I have very limited time, a lot of clients and still more editing to do!  Not to mention I have a few more things to finish here at The Average Jim’s Playground!  So my plate is full, I’m running on empty and still booking more clients! But I am not complaining, I would much rather have too much work to do than none at all!

And on a side note, I am so glad photographers argue so much online on forums and spend so much time worrying about stuff that really doesn’t matter.  It gives me more time to book more clients and take care of the ones I already have! 😉