Being Original is Worth More

More often these days I am seeing several photographers who seem to have the very same style.  It is almost as if they all took the same workshop and all learned the very same post-production process and that is how they all make their images now.  My question is this, where is you own style?

I am all for being influenced by other photographers, I am even for people trying to somewhat replicate what someone else has done.  But seriously, do it your own way!  I know, the trend is to copy someone who is currently and moderately successful and try to shoot with agency models.  But what you’re doing is just limiting yourself.  Once your learned style is out of date what do you do then?  Go take another workshop and keep playing this game of follow the leader?

My work may not be for everyone.  I’m okay with that.  The reason I am okay with that is because the people who want to work with me do just that, they contact me because they want to work with me.  I do just what I do, and my style does evolve with every shoot.  Just because I have been doing this for 20 years doesn’t mean I am no longer learning and trying to perfect my craft.  I like to challenge myself and I like to see what I can get out of each and every shoot.  Sometimes it is something new and sometimes it just an improvement on something I have already done before.  Either way it is an advancement of my own skill.

Challenge yourself and get work because of what you do, not because you can copy someone else.  More often than not, the client wants the original, not the replica.

Paige by The Average Jim