Film and Prints

I always do this to myself.  I think, I’ll just shoot digital, then I’m back to wanting to shoot more film, or sometimes I’ll want to always shoot film.  It is one of those debates that goes on in my head almost every single day!  Honestly, it doesn’t matter, but there is a certain romance I have with film.  I honestly don’t care if anyone else knows the difference or if my clients prefer digital or film.  I’ll shoot both and I will continue to shoot both, but there is one big difference between film and digital.  The print.

Film, at least the films I choose to work with, have a different grain to them.  There is no digital noise, no banding, unless you mess with it in Photoshop or have a bad scan, which has happened to me a lot!  But when you print it, it is wonderful!  This is why I still like giving prints with all of my sessions.  Prints are the true test of your photography work.  So many photographers now only show digital files, or “share” them with clients online.  This may be a way of streamlining post production.  But what about the art side of things?

I take photos of people to make prints of them.  Yes, I love it when they share the digital files with friends online, it does help my referral rate.  But, actual prints tell a story and it is a tangible item for my client to keep.  Plus, it shows what I can really do with a camera.  I am an artist at heart and I want to create prints.

There is a big movement in the photography world that says prints are dead.  I don’t think so at all.  If you show your clients prints, they tend to want them.  When I meet with clients I don’t show them an iPad with images, I don’t even own an iPad, I show them prints.  Maybe I’m old school this way, but I want them to touch and feel the texture and see what the grain really looks like.  Honestly, it is awesome to see the reaction!  Just something to think about. 😉

Here is a throwback film shot of Codi from our first shoot together.

Codi by The Average Jim