The Average Jim Road Show

I really want to be a gypsy.  Just travel and take pictures.  I’m sure there are several photographers out there who have the same dream, but I’m in the mood to seriously make it happen!

Maybe it is my need to get out of Southern California for a little while.  Just get out and expand my horizons.  Sure, I’ve just built my playground, but come on, I can shoot anywhere!  My style is me, it is my vision and just how I see the world.  I can take that with me wherever I go.

I can submit my work to magazines via the web.  I can deliver images to my clients via the web.  My little car can be my rolling studio.  I’m not sure if I am just talking about this to talk about it or to actually trying to convince myself to do it?  Of course, to anyone who knows me, it doesn’t take much to convince me to do anything!

So maybe I’ll take The Average Jim Show on the road…. how cool would that be? 😉

Robyn by The Average Jim