The Playground

Back in March I started to remodel my studio space.  It started out slowly and just kept getting bigger and bigger!  Suddenly walls were coming down, I opened it up to the rafters taking and out the old crappy ceiling.   I moved some bookshelves that had once created a hallway and made virtually every part of the studio, including the editing area, a shooting space.

The work is not done, there is still more to do, including the new wardrobe area and make up area.  But overall I like what has happened here.  I have more open space to shoot and a place to hang all of my guitars!  It makes for fun photos and a very relaxed work environment!  And everyone who has been photographed here really seems to like it!  That is the best part!

So yes, I call it “The Average Jim’s Playground”, and I talk about it a lot!  But that is only because I want people to come experience the fun for themselves, what can I say, I’m a giver. 😉

Robyn by The Average Jim