The Average Boudoir

I have been going back and forth on several ideas on what I need to do as a photographer and for my business.  Sometimes getting outside help is a great way to figure out what you need, but it can also backfire.  I’ve had people offer me advice for free but they come from completely different backgrounds and have no understanding of the photography industry.  So it is really just them wasting their breath.

Others think that you need to do it all, take every job available and bid on every job you can.  That is just too much work!  Personally, I think I need to just be me, but put it out there a little more.

With that being said, I am going to submit more to magazines, but only what I want to submit.  No more shooting what they want in hopes of getting bigger jobs.  That is a mistake and I don’t want to keep making mistakes!  I want to keep shooting my style and what I love.  If it gets published great, if not, oh well.

I also want to keep shooting clients who want my style.  Maybe I’m falling into the “boudoir photography” market a little more, but is that really a bad market?  I get to keep shooting the style I like to shoot and everyday women get to have fashion styled photos of themselves.  It works for me!

I have been on a real kick of photographing lingerie lately, so maybe I should just keep doing it for a little while and see what happens? 😉

Codi by The Average Jim