Keeping it Real ;)

I love my Mercedes.  I think it just has to stay as a permanent part of The Average Jim’s Playground.  I really want to turn my space into a very unorthodox studio.  Not your typical props, I want more of a real world vibe going on here.  I have the music area, my car, I’m working on the garden area and soon I hope to add something completely new!  But I won’t reveal that until it happens!

When my clients come here I want them to get photos that they want, I mean really want!  Sure, we can do the typical pretty pictures too, but I want to give them something no other photographer can give them.  More than just my style and the type of work I can deliver, originality!  Even if I am doing it over and over for my clients, it was still my idea to begin with right?  Of course I have been influenced by others over the years, but I’ll just pretend it was all me. 😉

Heidi by The Average Jim