Fun Glamour

It’s hard not to enjoy being a photographer.  I get to work with great people, my team is always amazing and I get to make pretty pictures.  Life is pretty good.  This is what is great about glamour photography.  There really are no rules.  It can be sexy, it can be fun, it can be nude or non-nude.  Glamour is really just indulgence, it is taking in life to its fullest.  Smiles are bigger, clothes are softer and there are no inhibitions.

It is easy to let go and enjoy life when you get this type of mixture on set.  My clients tend to let go and really be the best they can be, no worries and a carefree attitude.  It also helps that my staff is always there cracking jokes and lightening the mood!  This is why it is great to work with a team, sure some sessions it is just me, my camera and my subject, but other times I have an assistant there just in case I need something.  Especially when I have a glamour session, a female assistant is a such a great thing to have!  Of course, my assistants tend to have the same sarcasm and wit as I do, sure, we keep it professional, but we always keep it fun!

When you have fun, it is easy to get a natural smile from someone.  And no matter what anyone says, a real smile is always sexy and glamorous!

Amanda by The Average Jim