Photo Fun

Sometimes you just have to let go and have fun on a shoot.  Sometimes the shoot will just happen the way it was meant to happen.  Here is an example.

This past Sunday I photographed both Heidi and Codi.  I was about to photograph Heidi in my beloved Mercedes when someone, who I didn’t know at all, just pulled up and parked right next to it.  So close that I couldn’t really shoot the way I wanted to.  They just sat in the car and did nothing in my parking lot.  So I said screw it, and I took both of them over to the vacant lot near my studio.  I had planned on going over there, but just not at that moment….

So we head over to the vacant lot/field.  There are just the three of us and some guys on the other side of the fence riding their dirt bikes that sound like wounded chain saws.  Heidi was first to go and then Codi.  The third shot in is the shot I am showing today.  No pose, no intent, just Codi laughing at Heidi making fun of the guys on the bikes.  This is one of my favorite shots of the day simply because it was fun and real.

So yes, sometimes you just have to have fun and go with what is given to you.  You may end up liking it better than you think. 😉