Keep it Chill

There is such a wide range of looks you can do when you use fashion and glamour as inspiration.  Even if you are trying to shoot a specific style, I personally feel you must take your client’s own personality into the equation.  Well, that is if your client is the subject.  This philosophy wouldn’t always work for a commercial shoot!

I work with a lot of different women.  They are all different and they all want different things.  So for me I try to just do my style of work based on who they are.  It’s pretty simple when you think about it.  Just listen to them, go over wardrobe ideas and then get creative!  This is why I tell other photographers it is so important to know your camera settings and have a good understanding of light.  I don’t even think twice about how I am going to light someone, I am too busy wondering how I can photograph them as who they are.

I feel there are two different types of photographers.  There are those who are technicians, they are obsessed with the technical aspects of the work.  And then there are the artists.  The artists are all about the way an image looks and feels and it doesn’t always have to have perfect lighting.  The goal is to be a good technician but have the eye of an artist.  Know your craft, know your lighting and know your subject!

Unless my client happens to be a photographer, they never ask me how I set up my lights or what my settings are on my camera.  They don’t care, they know it is my job to know and that is good enough for them.  They don’t want to know so don’t talk about it with them!  Talk to them about what they like, just have a good conversation and enjoy the shoot.  You’ll be surprised how much your clients will love the laid back, comfortable vibe of the shoot.

Here is one from my shoot Sunday with Heidi.  Just hanging out in The Average Jim’s Playground. 😉

Heidi by The Average Jim