I tend to get obsessed with certain styles and I just love shooting that one look with several different people.  It’s kind of like my old Mercedes, it is a part of my studio now.  I keep it mostly just so I can keep shooting with it, it is definitely my favorite prop!  Once again this is why I call my studio space my playground.  It is filled with all of my toys, from guitars to skateboards to bikes and the list goes on!

Maybe I just like having everything at my disposal?  If I am in the mood to shoot an idea I can just grab what I need and run with it!  I like this whole idea of having everything readily available, it is one of the perks of having a studio.

Of course I also get obsessed with being minimalistic.  No props, no wardrobe, just light and my subject.  Or it could be that I am just completely obsessed with photography?  I’ll start looking into that, but I’m betting there is no cure. 😉

Here is one more of Tori from our shoot this past weekend.

Tori by The Average Jim