Pretty Pictures

I love creating pretty pictures.  I know I’ve gone on and on about art and fashion and glamour photography.  But really, in the end, I just like creating pretty pictures.  There is something about these types of images that just makes me happy.

It is like thinking of a good time in your life, or just an appreciation of what you have.  Nothing too deep or philosophical, just something pretty to appreciate.  This is why I do what I do.  I like to think of my work as that rose you stop to smell, as that moment in life when you just stopped and took it all in.  I capture moments and memories, sure some of them are helped along with my creative touch, but they are still moments.  It is just something to think about.

With all of the fashion and glamour work I have done over the years, along with weddings and commercial gigs, I just really love the little moments that make you think of happy times.  Yeah, it’s all about the pretty pictures.  I can’t wait to see who is next to get in front of my lens! 😉

Jordan by The Average Jim