Glamour and Style

I love my new artist space.  It’s where I get to just be me, I call it my playground.  I just feel more creative in it.  When it comes to photography, I really like having a creative space to get my ideas flowing and having a space which allows me to just be me.  It also gives me a chance to think and get all philosophical about my work and what it is I do.

What I have been noticing lately with the photography world is this “advancement”  of technology to the point of photos looking way too sharp and over processed, to me real life just doesn’t look HD.  There are different shades of colors, when the fog rolls in it gets a little hazy out and sometimes you really can’t see everything so clearly.  Yet for some reason the industry just keeps putting out images that are so over sharpened and to be perfectly honest, not shot technically correct.  I know, some people have their own style, but when it is obvious to a seasoned photographer that the work is sub par, it is done wrong, it has nothing to do with style at that point.

Which brings me to my next point.  Style.  I can rant on and on about style, and have done so on many occasions, and I’m probably heading in that direction right now.  I definitely have my own style, it’s not the sharp vivid photography you will see from other glamour style photographers.  I have an infatuation with the late 60’s and early 70’s and if I am 100% honest I am obsessed with fashion from all decades and I really love to let it influence my work.  Whether I am shooting a wedding or a glamour session or even portraits, I love the influence of fashion throughout the last 50 years.

This is why I like being a photographer, once you know the rules you can break them and make your own.  The sky is the limit, I really need to add another set to my playground, I wonder what I’ll come up with next?

Here is a shot of Tori from yesterday’s shoot at The Average Jim’s Playground. 😉

Tori by The Average Jim