Secrets Are Meant to be Kept

The difference between working with professional models and working with your clients (who sometimes are professional models in my case) is completely different.  I should say the difference from someone who hires you for their own personal work or when you are working with someone for your portfolio or something of that nature.

Everyone who appears on this site has given me permission to do so one way or the other.  Either I have a contract with them and they know that I can use the images or they have been a client and given me permission to share the images with the world.  Some photographers really don’t like letting their clients dictate to them whether or not the images can be shared, but in my opinion, part of what my clients are paying for is privacy.  Especially when it comes to taking their clothes off!

With my commercial clients I have it in my contract that I retain the rights to the photos and I am allowed to use them for my website, advertisement etc.  This is very standard.  Now if I am shooting for a client that has a product that is something new and they don’t want the world to see it right away, there is a clause in my contract that I will not use the images until they do, this is only fair to my client.  But civilian clients are different, at least to me they are.

If I am photographing a wedding or a boudoir style session, these are private moments to people and they hold them in a very personal way.  If they don’t want the world seeing the photos I get it.  This is one of the reasons they are paying me.  So many photographers consider the work they are hired for as their artwork and they feel like they are being ripped off if they cannot share it with the world.  And it very well can be considered artwork in some cases, but it is commissioned work.

I shoot a lot of sessions on my own time and I do it for this reason.  I do it because I can then show the work I know I can do for others and make a living off of.  I also do it so I can be creative or just create pretty pictures.  This is the work I know I can share with the world, this is also the reason I know my clients will trust me.  I give them the power of decided whether or not the world can see them as I have, or if they just want to keep it their little secret.

This may be just my opinion, but when someone hires me to photograph them in what I consider a very intimate way, I am honored to be a part of their secret.  It means they want me to create these memories and moments for them.  I know the work I have created, I don’t need to share everything with the world, I only need to share what I and/or my clients want you to see. 😉

Emily by The Average Jim