The Average Client ;)

I have realized that I really don’t talk enough about my clients on this site.  It’s always been more of an honest blog about how I think and work and feel as a photographer.  I have gone on rants and talked about some of my favorite shoots, but I have always kept my clients out of it.  Sure I have talked about some of the models I work with and how they are just cool people, and I have avoided talking about the ones that are a little bit on the crazy side.

When it comes to clients I have some interesting ones.  I just shot two weddings recently where my clients have asked me not to show images on my site or blog without their permission.  They both have a certain celebrity status and they pay enough so I don’t mind not being able to show the photos.  But what I do find funny is that they have so many guests with cameras taking photos and sharing them online instantly.  Why even bother paying me more to not show the photos?  Okay, I know why, but I just find it interesting at some levels.  One of the weddings they did ask guests to not take photos, while the other one had at least a dozen or more people taking photos like crazy!

This is why I love the one-on-one sessions.  Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings and working with large groups, but the sessions when it is just me, my camera and my subject are so peaceful and stress free.  And when I get to work with cool people it is even better!  Yesterday I photographed Chelsea in studio for a little bit and then we hung out at the beach for about an hour or so taking photos and just talking about whatever.  It was totally chill and relaxed, this is a great way to work!

Honestly, the past few gigs have not been too bad at all.  If I do continue to take on any “work” for next year, I think this is the route I must take.  I just do what I do and if people dig it then I’ll keep doing it, if not, I will still keep doing it.  I really don’t know if this post was about my clients or about me, maybe it is just about how I do have some pretty cool clients and overall I really do like working with them.

Here is one from Yesterday’s shoot with Chelsea.