The Average Mistake ;)

If I were to make a list of every mistake I have ever made in the photography industry it would probably be about 100 or more pages long.  For the simple reason of keeping my sanity I will not be making that list anytime soon!  But there is one thing to take into consideration when working in this industry.  And I really mean anyone who makes money with a camera needs to know this!  Shit happens and people make mistakes.  The more you work the more of a chance you have to work with someone who will drive you insane, ask too much of you, ask for money they don’t deserve and the list goes on and on.  But, you as a photographer may make a few of these mistakes as well so try not to judge others for their “woops” moments.

I was reading a forum where they talked about people they “Do not recommend” and I found it to be so stupid and juvenile.  I’ve had people who I have NEVER worked with before put me on a list like this, a few of them actually.  If you have several people on a list like this, odds are you might be doing something wrong as well.  How does that saying go?  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Yeah, you might want to look into that if you have so many people you don’t want to work with.

Of course there are the ones out there who have legitimate reasons for this.  Some guy with a camera tries to grab a model inappropriately, or something even worse.  Fine, let people know about that, but there are so many petty things that people talk shit about and it drives me insane!

I have dealt with bat-shit crazy models, so-called “art directors” and other photographers who are out of their mind!  I’ve had to deal with a lot of wacky people over the years and I just deal with it.  I work with regular people and people in the entertainment industry.  There is crazy in both worlds just so you know.

There have been models who have been kicked out of my studio for their behavior, I’ve lost clients because I refused to work with the drugged up model that they want to work with and I have lost some friends in the industry because they expect me to just bend and give away products and services for nothing to their “big client”.  Shit happens in this industry and you really just need to deal with it and move on.  Want to know why?

It’s simple, here is why.  I have also made great friends and long-lasting relationships with people.  I have had clients who have turned into wonderful friends and we hang out on a regular basis now.  I have been able to meet people who I would have never met simply because I know how to use a camera and market myself.  I have fun more than most people I know.

This is why I don’t care about who I will not work with.  I care about who I want to work with and that is all about keeping a positive vibe and having fun on every single shoot I have.  I love being a photographer and that will never change.  I love working with people and I hope that never changes either.  I just want to have fun and enjoy my life.  No more, no less.  I don’t have time for drama or dealing with those who are so busy talking about how great they are and how bad others are.  I am me, I am up front and I am (for the most part) bullshit free.  If you get me drunk and I start rambling on, I might throw some BS in there, just a fair warning to you all.

Go ahead, put me on your list, it will not change who I am or what I have or have not done in the past.  If someone doesn’t want to work with me based on what someone else posted on the internet then I am probably better off.  I have hundreds of references and a resumé that speaks for itself.  I think I’ll be okay. 😉

Parris by The Average Jim