The Average News

So there are some major changes going on with my work.  By the end of the year I plan on not taking on any new clients in the photography world.  I will be almost completely done with being a professional working photographer!  I will still be involved with the photography industry but definitely not in the same way I currently am.  I will still be shooting but it will be just because I want to.  I’ll still be working with models and the friends I have made in the industry, so honestly from a photo standpoint you probably will not notice much of a change on this site!

I have the opportunity to play music again and to travel more.  So this is what I am doing and where I am going.  I’m sure I will still have my frustrations and rants, who knows what I’ll be going on about in the future?

The really cool part is that I will get to take more photos to promote my music!  And you know I just can’t take a regular photo, the last time I did a promo shot for my music it involved 4 guitars, 2 models and not a whole lot of clothing!  I’m thinking I need to keep up with this trend.  Maybe I’ll name my album “Live Nude Girls”?  Or is that too close to The Bare Naked Ladies?

Of course I still have my playground and my Mercedes, now I just get to shoot for fun, so I can’t wait to see where it takes me!  I love a new adventure, especially when it is all about play.  Less work and more play, this makes The Average Jim a happy boy!

Kaley by The Average Jim