Nearing Completion

I have been working day and night on finishing The Average Jim’s Playground and I am almost finished!  I’ve got the music area, several new sets for photography, and it is so much nicer in here now!  It has been a long road and I finally have the end in sight!  I started this remodel back in March and I should have it 99% wrapped up by Sunday night.  Now that feels good!

I cannot wait to get shooting in this space and really start taking advantage of all of this hard work that has been put into the remodel.  Part of me feels like I should get rid of anything old that I have shot with before, props, sets, backgrounds etc… But I don’t know.  I would have a hard time getting rid of my old Mercedes, and same goes for my 1960’s orange couch.  So maybe I’ll just build around these items and have them as more of decor rather than props.  But you know I’ll still be using them!

It has been a long day of painting, moving stuff back and forth and just putting everything in its place.  Feels good.  I also can’t wait to get my computer back to its normal station!  I’ve been working in what seems like a closet for a few weeks now.  I need my open space.

The nice thing about my new and improved playground is that I can shoot any style here.  Fine art, glamour, fashion, maybe even some fetish if I feel like it.  Anything goes here at my playground, well, almost anything, but I’m not setting limits yet. 😉

Adrienne Manning by The Average Jim