The Average GWC ;)

Some days you just happen to be a little happier than others.  Today is one of those days.  It started out rocky, got worse when I realized I put money in the wrong bank account and had to pay an overdraft fee, I hate it when that happens!  I never use that account! Okay, well almost never.

But then I had a light bulb go off and had some new ideas.  And I have learned my lesson so I’m not telling anyone!  But there are some new adventures on the way for The Average Jim this year.  Lots more traveling, lots more shooting and definitely a lot more fun!  I am giving myself the title of GWC…. Not what you’re thinking, I’ll be a “Gypsy With a Camera”. 😉

Stick around, this could get interesting… of course not for a few more months, although I will be in Portland 10 days from now, so maybe I’ll start my hijinks there!  This is a fast paced industry, if you don’t change and if you don’t adapt, you could just get left behind.  I’ll keep doing what I can to stay ahead of the curve and keep pushing forward.  Gotta keep life interesting after all.

Hope Dworaczyk by The Average Jim