The Average Goal

Photographers love attention.  I go on these online forums and I see so many photographers and fauxtographers posting thoughts and telling stories about things that happen to them to simply get attention.  I am so sick of these people.  For some reason they have gotten it into their minds that to gain followers and to try to sell some product that these are the things that make you a professional photographer.  Here is some news for you if you believe this way….. This is BS.

Wow, you want to be some “Rockstar” photographer, get over yourself.  Look at yourself as an artist, look at yourself as someone who takes pretty pictures, look at yourself as someone who just loves what they do, but don’t think you are changing the world, making this earth a better place to live just by simply taking pretty pictures.  The arrogance I have seen in the photography world and the modeling world lately has really made me sick.  Everybody seems to want fame and money, and not always in that order.  But the problem is that hardly any of these people want to actually work for it.  They just want it handed to them.

I have been good most of this year, but this is where it ends.  I am so sick of these people who crave attention for no other reason than to have people adore them.  You’re not famous!  You’re not popular.  You are a wannabe and it is so typical of today’s culture.  It’s sad.  These people don’t want to work for anything, they just want it handed to them simply because they want it.  No effort, not because they deserve it, just because they want it.  Welcome to the new age of internet fame.  Give me this give me that, how about actually learning a craft or knowing what you are doing?  Sorry, or is that too much to ask?

If you’re not willing to put in the work you do not deserve the reward, unless you are seriously gifted and have some amazing talent, but odds are you don’t.  Most over-night success stories have over ten years of experience behind them, it didn’t just happen for them, they worked for it.

So instead of bitching about those who don’t deserve praise, I will instead applaud those who do.  If you work your ass off, if you put your blood sweat and tears into what you do, I salute you.  And for the rest of you, you know who you are.  Get a clue and start working harder and don’t be afraid to fail.  Push yourself harder than you have ever pushed yourself before.  Don’t give up, don’t give in and never sell out!  If you really want to succeed, you have to earn it, nothing in this life is free.  There is no get rich quick scheme, it just doesn’t work that way without biting you in the ass.  Have integrity and do right by your peers.  Get over your ego and start building something worthy of people wanting to see what you do.  Become a person you can be proud of.  Now that is a goal you should want to live up to!

Roarie by The Average Jim