Beach Weather

I love the beach life.  Especially on days like today when the weather is amazing and the sun is shining!  The only thing that is starting to kill my buzz is that there is a road crew working at my favorite beach spot and they are adding in an off-ramp from the freeway.  This sucks.  It was one of the only beaches left where there were no real crowds and where I could take my dogs to run and it was simply the best place to shoot.

I am really hoping this doesn’t change too much because there was about a quarter mile of empty beach on most days!  You never find that in Southern California!  I’m sure in the off season it will still be fairly vacant as most people do not want to drive that far, that extra 10 minutes is a killer right?

But if it gets crowded and ruined by “improvement” I will just move on and find another great secret location.  It is what I do, I find my favorite spots and they get ruined by something or someone and I have to move on.  There are bigger things to worry about, I’m just bitching a little bit.

The good news is that the weather is amazing, it is beach blanket flip-flop weather!   I am so ready for summer and ready to start booking shoots again!

Here is one of Jillian at my favorite beach!

Jillian by The Average Jim