All About Change

I was having a conversation with another photographer about my new pricing and for once someone really understood what I was talking about.  I sell products, I do not sell myself.  I’m sure this will not make sense to everyone, but it is not meant to.

Part of what I really want to do with my work is show how I see the person (or person’s) in front of my lens.  I really want to push myself to create the images I see and find ways to just make it happen.  Part of this whole process was the remodel to my studio, finally making this place what I have wanted it to be for years!  This way I am allowing myself to express what I see and how I see it.  The environment you choose to work in definitely plays a role in your final product.

I think that you must push yourself to grow every single day in this business.  If you don’t you end up getting left behind.  This is why I am pushing myself to make the changes I feel I need to do in order to grow as a photographer and as a business owner and artist.

The goal behind my pricing is simple, I don’t want to put a price on my own value.  I do not have a fee to create the work I create.  If you wish to own the work I create, you may purchase it at any time.  Of course, if you want me to photograph you, you must purchase an art piece in advance.  There has to be a catch, otherwise I would be flooded with people wanting free photo sessions!

It is all about change.  I am changing the way I do things and I am sure I will have a change in the type of clients I book as well.  We will see what the road ahead has in store for The Average Jim….. I’m betting on a brighter future. 😉

Lucy by The Average Jim