Don’t worry, be happy. ;)

I am in a very nostalgic mood these days.  It is as though I am in search of an age of innocence while maintaining a carefree attitude with life.  I am really wanting to live in my own little world and just create, write, be a musician and photographer and whatever else comes to mind.  Granted, I am that for the most part, but I still cave in to society’s rules.

I saw a post on Instagram yesterday regarding wealth.  It was about being driven towards making money, not taking a day off, and constantly striving to get rich.  They called it motivation, I call it hell.

I really don’t care about money at all.  I know I need it but I have absolutely no desire to be wealthy.  My biggest desire is to be happy.  And being happy means that I do things that make me happy every day.  It really is a simple concept.  I just need to work on my execution of it a little better.

Maybe this is why I am thinking of a simpler time, a time when I was a kid and nothing mattered but to play outside in the sunlight, run in the grass barefoot and not have a worry in the world.  Some say you have to grow up, I really disagree with that.  Sure, I have responsibilities, I take care of them, what I do with the rest of my time is really nobody else’s business.  If I don’t have a desire for money or material objects, why should I strive to have them?

Basically I am all about doing what you want to do.  And as long as you’re not hurting anyone else in the process, you should feel free to do whatever makes you most happy.  I’m all about being happy.  Everything else can just go away. 😉

Amanda by The Average Jim