The Average Price

I am often torn on what I want to do.  I know I need to make money to survive, but I love just being an artist of sorts and honestly I almost prefer not being paid to shoot but actually make money off of the images I create.  Over a year ago I had come up with new pricing for my work.  It was very different from what other photographers were doing and I was told it would not work.  But I really want to go back to it.  All I know is that it makes sense to me.

I want to go back to having no sitting fee.  But, and here is the catch.  You must decide on what product you wish to purchase from me before we shoot. Are you looking for a single art print?  Are you wanting a book of images?  For weddings, which art book would you wish to purchase and what type of prints?

I know this is unconventional pricing in the portrait world, but this is how I really want to sell things.  Prints and albums are tangible items and you can see the quality of the images when they are printed.  And yes, I know everyone wants the digital files, and that is fine with me, but you have to buy a product to get them, they are included with it.

It is not just about making money and charging for my experience, I really wish to create a piece of art for my clients.  I know this will not work for my commercial clients, but to be honest, I am not taking on too many commercial gigs anymore, so it really doesn’t matter.  I want people to have images in their homes and not just on their computer.  Leave something behind for your grandkids.  Photographs are memories and moments captured in time.  They get forgotten on Facebook and hidden in all of the content available online.  At home, hanging on your wall, that is where a photograph belongs.  The photos are not just there to look pretty, they are there to make you feel good and remember good times.

So this is my goal.  I don’t care about making money off of my sitting fees and digital negatives.  I do care about putting artwork in your home.

Jordan by The Average Jim