All in moderation

Sometimes while I am editing for clients I really need to take a break and edit a photo I like for me.  To me it keeps everything fresh and keeps my brain happy.  If I were to only work as a photographer and not take the time to play, I would probably go crazy!  I know, clients come first, but after a full work day, it is my time and how I spend it is up to me!

This is how I will wind up going through my archives or going through photos over and over from recent shoots, trying to find something I may have missed.  In this case, today’s featured image was a shot I just liked from the beginning.  Just a simple portrait.  I love work like this.  I don’t do much studio work anymore as most of my work is lifestyle or beach or on location.  I should shoot more with the studio lights, but just like with the editing for clients, all in moderation.

I am the type of person who gets burned out easily and will walk away from something if I find myself either getting bored with it or if I feel limited.  Granted, the studio does have endless possibilities…. but I prefer the ocean most of the time.  The studio is just a place I go every now and then just to make sure I can still get the shots I want in a controlled environment.  It’s good to know different styles and techniques, it keeps you sharp.

No matter what, whether I am shooting in studio or at the beach, my style is still the one thing I try to show.  And simple pretty pictures are really what I love to do most!

Amanda by The Average Jim