The Above Average Day

I had an amazing shoot yesterday!  It was a long day, but it was seriously a great day.  It was one of those days where everything went right.  This is a little run down of how we do like to do things.

Amanda, our model, was early and had a great sense of humor about it.  She actually sent me a text 30 minutes before she was supposed to arrive at the studio asking if we “were still shooting today?” just to mess with me.  I like her already.  Both The Average Mrs. and I were going to be photographing her so we met at The Average Mrs. Playground instead of mine, since mine is still under construction.

While I am photographing Amanda, a random actress comes into the studio lobby and needs head shots that day to send to her agent.  So, Amanda and I were about to head to the beach and The Average Mrs. stayed back and got a quick head shot session in for our new client!  And the day just gets better….

We pull up to my favorite beach, and this is summertime in a beach community, and there are only 9 people on a 1/4 mile stretch of beach!  It was like we had the place to ourselves!  We shot there for less than an hour, got some really cool stuff, and headed back into town.

Lunch break….. mmmmmmm burgers……..

I then decided to get a little vintage and actually shot in The Average Mrs. studio for a bit.  Then it was her turn to take over.  Her first shoot was a project she has been working on for a few months now, it is at this little garden and it is such a great place to shoot!  But, these are nudes in a semi public yet kind of private spot.  So it has to be fast.  Honestly, you can only see anything if you’re looking for it, but some people like to be nosey busy bodies and call the police if they even think they see any skin at all.  All went well and we were heading back to the studio where The Average Mrs. continued the streak of getting some amazing shots of Amanda!

This was an 8 hour shoot.  Normally we do not shoot this long for a portfolio session, but yesterday was one of those special days where everything just seemed to go right.  No matter what we did or what we wanted to do, it seemed there was no limitation.  These are the days when I absolutely love what I do.  With all of the negativity in the industry and in the photo community, I really wish people could experience a day like I had yesterday.  Maybe they would get over themselves a little and really understand why it is some of us do what we do.

This is our passion (I am speaking for The Average Mrs. and myself) and we get to spend the day together doing what we love to do and helping each other achieve our goals.  Honestly, I can’t imagine life any other way.  And for that reason alone, I don’t think I will ever stop doing what I love, and I honestly believe The Average Mrs. feels the same way.  We are in this for the long haul, almost 16 years in together, and many more to come!

Here is one of Amanda from yesterday’s shoot.

Amanda by The Average Jim