We are all naked under our clothes.

Have you ever felt like you see the world in an entirely different light than everyone else?  I feel this way all of time.  I know I view things differently, I know I have different views and beliefs than a lot of people.  I am idealistic, I do have my own version of reality in some ways.  I am definitely an observer of people.

But knowing all of these things about myself and knowing that other people will think of me differently than I do of myself I still get really pissed when people talk negatively about what I do.  I honestly get really pissed when they would rather confront my wife about it than me.  That is just chicken-shit and all it does is put her in a situation where she either defends me (when I refuse to defend what I do to stupid people) or let them talk shit.

Yes, I photograph a lot of women, that is a given.  News flash, I am not the only one out there doing this!  For the record, The Average Mrs. is one of the best fine art/portrait photographers I know and she actually photographs more women than I do!  Artists have been in awe of the beauty of the female form for centuries.  This is why you see so many paintings of nude women, and men for that matter.  How about all of the sculptures of nude women and men?

This is how I know I see the world differently than most.  So many people are afraid of appreciating art or the beauty of another human being.  Two major television networks just refused to run an advertisement of a plus-sized model because, for all I can see, her breasts were too big.  First, I hate that term, “Plus-size” it’s kind of a put down to women who are not a size 2.  But that is a rant for another day.

Society, as a whole, will never embrace nudity.  At least not in this country.  This always baffles me for one reason.  We are all naked under our clothes.  Being nude is a natural state.  And finally, those right-wing lunatics need to get it through their head that nudity does not equal sex or pornography!

This little rant will not change anything, people will still be who they are and pass along their narrow-minded behavior to their kids.  But I also refuse to change who I am.  I have always marched to the beat of my own drum, I have never really cared what others thought of me, why would I start now?  I should rephrase that, I don’t care what others think whose opinion doesn’t really matter.  If you’re not posing for me, if you’re not admiring and/or buying my artwork and if you’re not married to me, well then, you don’t rank in that first category of people I listen to.

Enough of the ranting, here is more of Roarie, this is one of my ongoing projects.  One roll of film, 15 exposures.

Roarie by The Average Jim