The Average Moment

I love mystery.  I love not knowing what someone is thinking and I love it when an image leaves something to the imagination.  Ambiguity is one of the greatest things you can have in a photograph.  I don’t always have it in mine, but I do try to have some element that makes you think.  It makes you wonder what was going on, or if I have really done my job, it takes you to a place where you wish you were.

I shoot film for nostalgia and because I can’t look at the back of the camera.  This trains me not to look at the back of the camera when I shoot digitally.  I want to be in the moment, not skimming over what I just shot.  When you are in the moment as a photographer you are part of your art.  To me this is what gives a photo soul and what gives it life.

Just my little bit of philosophy for the day. 😉

Nathalia by The Average Jim