Dirty Hippie Jim

I am such a dirty hippie at heart.  Most people have no idea how much I cannot stand money, how idealistic I am and how I really just follow the path the universe puts in front of me.  My rants are more of me venting over an interruption of my life path than they are about what others are doing to themselves.  I have a huge passion for photography and the arts so I get really pissed when people mess with these topics, and really pissed when their actions directly affect me!

Overall, I’m pretty laid back and just do my thing here in my sleepy little surf town north of LA.  Not much fashion work to do here where I live, mostly lifestyle, portraits, weddings, boudoir and every now and then some cool artsy shoots that really get me in my groove.  This is where I am most at home.  A model shows up at my studio, we talk for a bit, start shooting, talk some more while deciding what to shoot next and it is just a relaxing work day.

This is where the internet is a wonderful thing.  I have met so many traveling models who have found me on the web.  They hit me up for a shoot, we get some great images and they are off down the road to their next adventure.  It’s like that old saying, if you stay in one place long enough the whole world passes by you.  This is why I like having a studio, it is a destination to them and a playground to me.  Yeah, life is pretty good sometimes.  I like this part of being a photographer, it’s the business end and money always gets in the way.  I just like to create and be free.  I really wish I didn’t have to pay for things because I would just stop charging all together and just shoot as much as possible.  Wouldn’t that be great?  But I don’t see a free-market society in our near future, so for now, I still have rates, still have to charge, but every now and then, I get to just shoot to create and not worry about the money.  And those are my favorite days of all.

Mac by The Average Jim